The current biotechnology involves the use of genetically modified microorganisms producing substances of interest, which has become mainstream in the scientific and technological development. The primary role is played by the biotechnological production of therapeutics (biopharmaceutics). Biopharmaceutical products currently account for 15% of the world drug market  and their share is steadily growing. Annual budget expenses of Russia to purchase foreign recombinant therapeutics (insulins, interferons, erythropoietin, therapeutic antibodies, blood factors, etc.) exceed 1$ billion, and the purchasing of all biopharmaceutical products including vaccines requires over 2$ billion.

      In our country, DNA recombinant techniques appeared nearly at the same time with those in the west (the late 80s of the previous century). The leader of fundamental and applied research in Russia is the institute of bioorganic chemistry of the Russian academy of sciences, where in the local authorities of Moscow financially supported the pilot production   in 2003. This institute adopted and improved DNA recombinant techniques for production of modern high quality therapeutics. Some of them such as insulins are available on the domestic market without any reclamation. However, the production capacity as well as that of other pilot production facilities only addresses a low proportion of unmet medical needs in our country.

     There is no large-scale production companies using DNA recombinant techniques in Russia. This fact prevents further advance of domestic biotechnological practices and does not permit filling the gap in Russia in the field of biopharmaceutics. Establishment of such manufacturing facilities will significantly allow to meet the medical need of our country and promote domestic technological practices.

     With allowance for that, on the initiative of the Russian academy of sciences (the directive of the presidium of RAS № 12З00-647 from 06.09.2006 ) and with the assistance of the local authorities of Moscow (the resolution № 72З129 from 31.07.2006), JSC “RPC BIORAN” is building an industrial biopharmaceutical complex (BPK) in Puschino of Moscow oblast.

      The project “BIORAN” draws on the best scientific expertise in the name of IBC of RAS and Puschino research center.

The main criteria in the choice of the construction site were:

  • The presence of the scientific expertise in the form of 9 institutes of Puschino research center engaged in the field of advanced biotechnology.
  • The potential for training highly qualified personnel for the hi-tech biopharmaceutical complex.
  • The best scientific expertise in the country for carrying out preclinical trials for biologics.
  • The potential for meeting sanitary protection zone requirements for the complex and addressing issues with regard to energy and natural gas supply.

      JSC “RPC BIORAN” in collaboration with IBC of RAS and other academic institutes of Russia and Europe launches the development of novel technologies for biologics production.

All project issues are scheduled to be resolved until the end of 2011.

The total cost of the biopharmaceutical complex is estimated at € 300 million euro.

Советник Президента компании

Вопросами развития биотехнологии занимается с 1973 года. Участвовал в реализации проектов создания в стране ряда научно-исследовательских объектов (НИИ прикладной вирусологии, Новосибирская область; НЦ прикладной микробиологии, Московская область) и промышленных предприятий (Омутнинский биохимический завод, завод «Прогресс» в Казахстане).
Генеральный директор АО «Биоран» в период с 2006 года по апрель 2011 г.



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